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  1. Strawberry Kiwi is the bomb.. lighting it right now

    Pax carts lean pricier (at least the ones in my area) but the temp thing is legit.. it was great when I was just getting started to turn the temp super low.. it didn't knock me out as much, and there's basically no vapor which was cool

    I'm trying a 510 just because everything else is sold out.. I kinda like it, but I just stay at home when I vape, so don't have the snapping issue (yet 🤞)

  2. I have had all of them except for the gpen i even had the pax back when it FIRST CAME OUT and it was hard to find pods for it because they weren't really making them yet i honestly feel like pods may die out eventually but I prefer cartridges and regular weed like bud OR FLOWER I FEEL SO OLD SCHOOL WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN THE DAY WOULD COME THAT PEOPLE WOULD REALLY BE ABLE TO HAVE THIS TYPE OF DISCUSSION ABOUT THIS PLANT SO FREELY AND OPENLY it's dope as FUCK but I really do prefer cartridges over all of the proprietary stuff that's coming outi just really prefer cartridges and pens or regular weed in flower form I'm really only using the pens and cartridges because I'm stuck in nursing FACILITIES and i kinda HAVE TO medicate that way and I don't really have much access to the smoke area due to my paralysis so i vape on the low in my room so I can medicate like everyone else. Sorry for rambling I'm high as FUCK right now plus the nurse just gave me a shot of dilauded in my IV so naturally im feeling pretty good right now

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