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  1. Yo yola I got a garlic cookies disposable an as I was tryna inhale for a bit a coo amount of the sauce inside came up an flew into my mouth. Might wanna check if there’s any disposable problems or maybe I fucked up somewhere on my end?

  2. Been watching since your first storytime love that you made so far to make a career out of this!! One question tho ima Texas native and we are just now starting to get hcc type stuff in our smoke shops just wondering is all of you products able to get shipped here?

  3. What’s up Thomas bro I just want to say I know that you have a shit ton of followers but I hope you don’t forget us since your going on that new set -podcast . But I fucking love you bro I love your personality I quit smoking but I still love your shit HAVE A GOOD FUCKING DAY BRO STAY HIGH AND STAY FLY 🅿️❤️✌️

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