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  1. Puffco peak pro is the way to go— with the travel glass you can go anywhere without worrying about spilling water,,,it’s a all around win—& the 3D chamber /// HOT knife is a game changer,,, The journey bag is just a no brainer ,,,

  2. yo lol i forget to take the water out my carta and always splashes, carta all the way i have the zach harrison attachment that serves as an enail and connects to a 14mm female

  3. I just got the lookah unicorn earlier today n so far I love it. My brother n everyone loved it. Simple enough n easy to clean. I wonder how this guy feels about the unicorn.

  4. haven’t seen anyone talk about the core. it works great, smokes just like the puffco if you keep it clean. there’s a slight learning curve, multiple bangers/atomizers is so dope and with cheap replacements if anything breaks or gets worn.
    this thing really only has 2 drawbacks.
    1 . most likely to splash back when pulling really hard
    2. can only take outside fully charged. it dies fastest.

  5. I carry mine in my fannypack bro no case and I've been fine
    I go hiking or to sf just to walk around downtown n hit it totally fine 100 percent recommend but obviously be careful don't be throwing that shot around lmao

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