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  1. Nice you're from Washigton too.:] I'm from the Tri-Cities and I haven't dabbed since the last experienced i've had with them. I coughed so hard that I puked my guts out. I'm sticking to bud for now. X)

  2. Could you by any chance, get your hands on some sour D for a review? I'd love to see you do it!
    Keep going bud, nice videos – Definitely impressed of your 1gram dab, you should have taped  some of the aftermath for youtube though, just watching people being high is enjoyable for me when I'm dry 😀

  3. Hey Josh! I love your videos man there amazingly informative! I am a huge marijuana advocate as well. Smoking on a good strain of "loud" here in Mississippi tonight. I do have a question can you do a video on why wake and bakes get you so ripped. I get so high in the morning as opposed to the rest of the day….maybe it's just me. Can you explain?

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