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  2. I take forever to make my js and I make them weird 1st il tear off a diagonal piece of the rizla so it already has less paper and so it's narrower at the roach, then fill it up roll it up il the push in both ends to make it airtight and solid then il push a small spike through the j to make a air hole fold up some roach to put in the tip so no shooters and done always tokes perfectly and looks perfect no creases etc that's just how I roll personally and it always tastes better than any other type of roll I try, I was always the joint roller in my group so always took great pride in my rolls anyways that's how I make my js with less paper

  3. Okay then drew we all out here blazin away and your rateing our J's, well…. lets us decide on a poll on what type of J we want you to roll and smoke as a chllenge. Thoughts? @DrewIsSharing Would be a banger of a fail even have a friend on cam to to it also then go head to head. love the channel keep up highpe 🙂

  4. Some good ones there but you mentioned about 4:55 ish about that skiny one. In my opinion if it is your last one, dont want no 2 pull wonder. Lool. Try make it last and a backstrap is the way to get best taste. I hate normal rolled j's, think were iv backed it for so many years i can taste the difo even if there is a g in it. I backstrap all day long. Wish i see this was going happen. Id bang one in. 😁 " lets get high, o so high" haha

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