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  1. How much I envy those people. Nothing stops Ukrainians. Yes to Life, fun, and peace. I wish I could be part of this party. Slava Ukraini💙💛🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  2. THANK GOD not all Ukrainian men are as weak and selfish as this bunch of loser hippies! Whilst their brothers fight the Russians they "have a rave party"! Every single one of them will be Uni student. The Worlds Universities are overrun with leftist/socialist woke teachers spewing out millions of weak-willed, brainwashed and gutless students of woke. "Most are keen to fight" the reporter says. What a load of BS …..they only say that for the camera!

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