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  1. Dam that’s ash is dark as hell bro. Good shout dropping it nothin worse than bud that looks the part then dead wen you smoke it. Iv noticed that with a few purple strains they give a shit smoke

  2. you are 2 picky with the kush bro, i guess the tolerance speaks for itself i use to do the same shit. Had 2 have the most dankest shit or i wouldnt get high, haha whatever u in amdam so u have all the recources

  3. I've been smoking CBD flower for the last six months, enjoying it for the most part
    But got a half ounce of mountain berry from hemp-Elf italy during cyber monday sales.
    The Sh!t was so rank, I had to Bin in after the first Gram.

    I honestly couldn't give it away "without getting stabbed"
    It was that bad

  4. Drew littering is not good. They dont like when you smoke in the street especially when family's are out n about with kids. If a copper sees you smoking bud they will be on your case about it.

  5. One thing i noticed from smoking buds that are mostly purple is that the taste is never as good as it looks. Every time I had bud and its hella purple its always been a slight let down on the taste, its always fairly harsh and a very earthy taste. My preference is smooth and fruity when it comes to smoking and thats always came from buds that are mostly green and orange. Maybe y'all can relate too.

  6. Dark ash doesn’t necessarily mean anythings wrong with your bud. And I’m sure someone would have appreciated the free doob instead of just wasting it…

  7. Maybe trash mate but def give it to someone in need of a pick me up during their hard times instead of smashin it into the ground. A homeless person couldnt even walk by n pick it up n feel lucky cause ya did that. I believe ive heard you say you do that sometimes, givin not so good bud away to the homeless. I think thats a dope idea to do w the strains u pick up for vids that u dont like~ dont gotta film it but that would be nice to know someones day got made off of something you didnt consider so great~

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