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  1. Ruck Ass Fistley.

    Gvd. Mikkel went to Lembeek. Met a mentor of his (!!), got a private cask testing, AND gets to make a custom brew?

    Rick Astley is window dressing at this point. I’m right actually disappointed because he’s on a maiden voyage with men who’ve comparatively circumnavigated the world three times.

  2. how funny is rick accent from others lol. he does not have that ugly british accent.. like.. a full hot air in the mouth or I might say .. a hot potatoe accent in the mouth lmao.. This is so cool..

  3. It boggles my mind how a person so unenergetic like him can build a beer empire from nothing. His facial expression makes me fall asleep. anyway, great outcome for him and I like visiting his establishments around the world.

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