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  1. Oh That watch 😎 I am thinking of getting one of these but my concern is the parchment paper. It has a "side" to squish it on, but its an oil based product and I just want herb so Can I use without the parchment paper?

  2. About to pull the trigger and buy my first rosin press. Looks like ill be going with the nugsmasher …i think. Cant decide whether to buy from the official website or amazon tho

  3. I have this press well the Starter Plus, with all the goodies that you would need to enjoy your press. Haven't found the right flower yet to yield what the press can do, but more than anything the customer service is one of the best. I asked for help and received it, fast like before my press arrived. To better enjoy new my press, and any help I need from Nugsmasher it's there. Made in America with true American customer service, truly proud to have bought a good American product.

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