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  1. would love to chill and smoke with you! Finally had some sour diesel today, been wanting to try it. but I have a question. if I bring my pipe/bowl home. Is there a good way to hide the smell? Like put it in a few bags? I wanna hide the smell so I can start smoking at home but don't want it to stench up my whole room

  2. Its so scary taking a hit from a huge bong that you cant see through. The smoke could be orange and you inhale really hard.mI prefer clear pieces.

  3. To easily figure out how much his rating equals out of a 10 scale is remove the decimal he puts in his rating and divide that number by seven. (3.5/7 equals 5/10 because 35 divided by 7 is 5.

  4. You're so professional Josh, I love you and your videos man. Haha, the reason I say you're so professional is because you hurt yourself on camera and then you were like "Quick break while I recover", then you back to the review like a boss.

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