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  1. Thank you doc, what about a dog that loves to swim in the sea 3 or 4 times a week? Surely they swallow sea water or it absorbs by the skin?
    Hope someone has an answer, thank you

  2. Beware of Himalayan Salt Lamps!!!

    Took me a couple months to figure out why my cat was drooling and lethargic. Until one day I saw her go up to my lamp and licked it all over. Once I got rid of my lamp my cat got better.

  3. How do you know how much salt is too much salt when giving canned sardines/canned tuna? I have two dogs both over 100 pounds and give them a half a tin of sardines each twice a week & same with tuna, would this be too much?

  4. I made the mistake of giving my kitten smoked salmon a couple of times then her poo was different colour and super smelly so i realised it was the salt !! She's ok but no more nonsense like that! Phew

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