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  1. Sorry you had to attend a Bitcoin event. It is certainly a much different environment than a "crypto conference". To see something completely different, consider attending ETHDenver this February. People from all walks of life, representing dozens of different projects, all come together to code and build the next iteration of the internet, known as web3… and a lot more. You'll like what you see.

  2. "we can finally trade without someone else deciding the charges and interest rates" ..
    Lol, you seen the roller coaster .. is it you that is deciding the climbs and falls? Thought not.. lmao

  3. Still can't buy milk with it at the local shop, where's the nonsense i was promised 🤣🤣🤣 It's literally just a trading instrument now and a very dodgy one at that. It will never replace fiat, these people are delusional.

  4. I got into crypto basically to save on ridiculously high fees and filthy rates on sending remittance money to my family.

    If I were to send it via either Western Union or others, I’d would be losing almost $15 in fees and conversion rates alone.

    With a certain crypto and CEX, I’m able to send money instantly and my family can cash out instantly via P2P.

    However, I’m saddened by the state of crypto it is in. The goal was for decentralised currency, where banks would be removed and power is returned to the common person.

    But instead it is concentrated in a few people. Any diff than banks or others? Nope.

    Any so called crypto evangelists comes tell me to invest in his/her crypto vision, I’d rather laugh at them.

    The last 6 yrs that I’ve spent in crypto, whether a bear or bull market, I’ve lost $50 once becos I sent it to the wrong wallet address.

    I look at people and I think why do some sink their entire life savings into crypto? Why?

  5. These guys use the same flawed logic as flat earthers. An entire subculture based on conspiracy theories. If Bitcoin was the future of money like they say it would already be. What technology needs 20 years with very little real adoption and then go on to succeed?

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