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  1. What a fucking trip to watch this 5 years later.. you boys were on to all this stuff wayyyy ahead of everyone. I have to give credit, the majority of my stoner education has come from this channel and im a all day every day guy for 20+ years still going strong. Couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much guys!

  2. I get sick when i watch these videos now.. the old videos especially you guys were so care free just coolin smoking reviewing.. its crazy how life goes by.. One track that makes me think about the old days is dans song Til the day i die. that shit was dope.. 

    I wish you guys the best i still watch the videos for a nostalgic feeling but it hurts.. i hope to see you guys return here and there just to say hello and share a few rips.. but until next time brothers.

  3. Suggestion if you guys are gonna burn a joint, why not roll it while you talk through your vid? I love hearing stories and what not when people roll up, especially when they B.A.R. it's just, comforting in my opinion just a thought haha stay peaceful homies ✌️

  4. I know you guys moved to COL and are trying to get acquainted with everything. But shit guys, we're dying for some vids. At very least an update or something. Much love for the CCC, come on back boyz!

  5. Dude, me and my bro Ryan use to watch y'all's videos every night when we smoked in highschool, best times. Just went back and reminisced a little. Glad to see there's still vids, Dan and Shane yall are awesome man and I hope you don't stop making vids… I'm a day one fan!

  6. Have u guys ever smoked some bho made from bubba? Ive blasted both bubba, and platinum bubba. And each time i yeild like a 1.4 from a whole ounce. (Which is horrible) but the smell taste and potency of this strain is amazing! Need to try it out!

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