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  1. I remember the first time I pulled on a Scott piece. It was love at first water test. I have four now lol. I wish you used yours more! The technical term for the perc is a spline perk. They are mostly used in uplines made by gravlabs

  2. Yo, Im local headshop has Scomo and that same piece is $200.. I really thinking bout getting the same one!!! Think it's a rig that will require rezblock or it'll clog the perc. Should I buy it Josh? Or save my money for the Pulse Shrub rig….. AH can't decide

  3. idk if this was answered but the divets that u were confused on are basicly natural percs that are stacked up that add diffusion or like a ripple perc cheers and have a nice day josh !!!!!

  4. DUDE I saw this video like an hour after you posted it, fell in love with that piece and ran over to GP and ordered one that night. Can't wait for it!!! I keep going back and checking my order, praying they had a pink one in stock and that I won't have to wait for it to be made. then again having a piece of glass like that made just for me (kinda– shutup! :P) is pretty cool. anyway rambling. I had to come back to this video and see that piece chug some more. PLEASE do more videos with it! I can kinda smoke along with your pirelli piece i have a piece with a similar perc but it'll be awesome to actually have the same rig, especially one as sexy as this o.o Oh I almost forgot! THANKS FOR THE $22 OFF!!! I got free shipping and still $10 off basically! how awesome is that!

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