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  1. So I wanted to know more about hemp-fest so I looked this up and started watching it, and then I thought "dang I wish StrainCentral was teaching this experience too me" and then BAM I'm already watching your video. What a great moment in life!

  2. Hey dude I've been watching your videos for a while now and before doing so I never had an interest in smoke Mary Jane but I got inspired to go out and get my medical card which helps me with my chronic back pain greatly and I guess I just wanted to thank you for posting these videos and inspire others to at least try what I know now is a Medical substance not just something to get stoned on even though that's half the fun.

  3. Hey Josh, even tho the Fest was rained out and was basically a wash thanks for posting SOMETHING and keeping for fans updated on whats going on. As a lot of us are unaware of what events or conditions that occur up your way and Hempfest in Washington especially now would be something to keep up on. Again, Thanks! From So. Cal!

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