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  1. Lmao the dude with the man united jacket is in Jolie's video
    But he took it off on this one , obviously it's too warm an he's too stoned by the looks of things

  2. +strain central I've subscribed to your channel about a month ago and your videos are awesome man keep the positive vibes going . Your energy attracts people all around the world. Keep up the good work !! Thanks josh have an awesome day . Cheers ! Have you met tommy Chong? I heard he was located at the hemp fest .

  3. fucking wicked man, that last part though? that sucks, stay medicated man, ive been going through alot lately, and ive been staying sober for the most part for months and months and about 8 months of it now, i really enjoy cannabis, but i feel like i cant live without it, or some drugs in general, so im just proving myself wrong before i really get into smoking again, anyways, cheers josh!

  4. Thx for showings us some nice footage. Thumbs up bro ! Keep up the great work. I can't wait til the ballad for Az to vote for legalization and be able to have a hemp fest here. Namaste brother !

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