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  1. Each method has its pros & cons.
    The best method depends on many factors such as: how many plants to be grown, how often you are growing (1outdoor crop per year or multiple indoor crops per year) and of course how much space is available.

    SEEDS: Probably the easiest method, able to discover new genetics, able to pollinate and make more seeds, takes a little more time to complete a crop versus clones.
    CLONES: Able to keep good genetics or phenos indefinitely, indoor crops can be completed in a shorter time period, must continually grow or at least keep the clones growing at all times.
    TISSUE CULTURE: The most difficult of the 3. Special equipment required. Extremely long period of time to complete. Geared mainly for large commercial growers who have the space & equipment required and the time required to achieve good results.

    This being my opinion only, each individual grower should experiment and find which method works best for them. Cheers all✌

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