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  1. Good for you, nice weather ….i have rain, cold weather over 15 days in roll….everyday …and apsolutely no sun, and getting into 7th week today and small skunky plants buds getting fatter ….they might corrupt from mold if continues, especialy my new Bushy Bush Giant Buds in garden …after summer of 35 +C in cant get enough watter and washing out natural balanced soil in pots vegetation period, rainest flowering period came …yea and i noticed two, 3 strong winds blew in some ufo pollen from who knows where …buds have seeds here and there …crazy season …could it get worsth? …i decided i'm moving far far ….this year was oposite to last 4 years and that chemtrails they paint sky with got connection to it ….they block sun and who knows what else ….and i found few greens eating worms in it it yesterday ….i was just happy about it😅 now i have to be checking it out to remove if any more on it ….it'll be one bussy harvest and process of cleaning it up before drying

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