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  1. I have a dog question & I know you’re in Canada so the law here in the US are different and this may be an ethical situation vs a law situation. I’ve been at a campground for about 7 months and there is a man here that has a 2 year old lab and he was leaving his dog locked in his camper for 12-14 hours a day so when I got here and saw what he was doing I just couldn’t stand it and he finally gave in & gave me a key so I can walk his dog while he’s at work. We’ve asked him if he would give us the dog since he’s always at work and even when he is home he doesn’t take the dog out to do his business. On the weekends he usually sleeps in till 3pm and makes the dog hold his bodily functions for crazy long periods of times!! Makes me furious!!! I feel like taking the dog away from him when I leave. Everyone here knows what’s happening and tell me to just take it when I leave the area. He tells me the dog is used to holding his pee & poop for 16 hours a day so don’t worry about him 🤬!! It is animal cruelty if you ask me!!! Am I worrying about nothing??

  2. I need help on this! I have a 9 yrs old cat who gets bladder blockage, and ends up at the animal hospital with a Foley catheter, and IV antibiotics. I was told he had to be on Blue Buffalo WU prescription food the rest of his life.
    The last blockage was from catnip.
    Will the ground coconut cause a bladder blockage? I cannot afford another stay at the hospital, each time it's $1500. His mom, sister and brother is fine, and has no blockage problem, and can eat any brand of food.

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