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  1. Dude Same! 😀 I had runts and quite a few other strains and I just kept it and looked at it and smelled it for the longest time, its better to have it and not smoke it sometimes lol

  2. Love your channel we need more like this .
    I’m in West Virginia getting my Medical Cannabis Card I Hope soon.
    I have Epilepsy and Stress and Sleep problems & Anxiety .
    Hoping this will help.
    The Weed Game has changed so much.
    Never Had Dab?
    I had Hash years ago it was like the icing on the top of a bowl!

  3. 6:30 "Just look at how crazy the color on that is before I put it in the grinder" (as he is showing it already in the grinder). You just confirmed I need every strain you reviewed because you were definitely in a good place lol

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