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  1. I enjoy cycling between customgrow’s videos and yours back 2 back while chiefin out. I’ve learned alot about the science behind cannabis and its effects on the body and mind. Good shit man

  2. Ahhhh memories ..clear cellulose papers.
    Issues i had with them was they were awkward to roll (needed a different technique) as heat (and any sweat) will make them curl and move around on their own (that includes moisture in weed, tobacco – i.e. rolling tobacco). This is also true when you lick them (they want to curl).
    Also, the companies never were clear about how they made the cellulose 'clear' ..they would claim other paper companies used bleach (one of the advert slogans) but they never stated how they did it. For the record, in other industries bleach is used to make cellulose clear 🙂

    Saying that i did like them (seemed to impart less 'paper' flavour then standard rolling papers) once i figured the right rolling technique 🙂 I just didn't stick with them as the manufactures would not ever fully state the process by which these clear papers are made (fyi – the company i mainly used was Aleda rolling papers)

  3. honestly I really dislike clear pre rolled cones. They taste awful and smell like chemicals when they burn. My tongue felt fuzzy af after I smoked it.

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