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  1. I like your video. I’m glad I’m the first one here to comment so I know you’ll have time to read what I’m about to say. I am 67 years old I don’t like smoking weed I don’t like smelling weed because it stops me up to the point where I have a hard time breathing. My mother is 91 and she likes edibles. She’s in California I’m in Houston Texas. My sisters would buy her some edibles from the dispensary so I decided to start my research on edibles and how to make them I was making all types of edibles candies cookies, brownies, fruity, Pebbles I even made some Tincher like. alcohol from Everclear ,Grapeseed, oil, olive oil, MCT, oil, vegetable glycerin etc. The first time I started making the edibles like the brownies, I will lick the spoon or lick the bowl not knowing any better, I went outside when I got through and sat on the patio. I kept looking at the squirrels, and it seemed like they were talking to me in other words. I was paranoid, so I learnt my lesson on that I will never lick a spoon or bowl no matter what’s left in it. I came back in the house while the brownies were in the oven and I stood at the oven door looking through the glass for about 30 minutes until I caught myself and I had a big laugh. I was so high. So, after making my brownies and fruity pebble treats and candy, all types of candy in all shapes, including lollipops, I will send them to my mother and she got hooked on them but her favorite is the fruity pebble treats. I also make butter which is one of my favorite recipes to do. I’m in the process of sending about 20 sticks of butter divided into two sticks containers. I just melt the butter and put them in the containers vacuum seal and freeze them. What do you think about vaping I make my own vape juice which is potent but I might hit it once a month but it’s a different type of high but it mellows me right out, so what is your take on that? Thanks for reading.

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