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  1. Anyone remember when Mathew had long red hair? Who like actual OG fans? Mathew's so free spirited bro but he does constantly remind me that I'm getting older 😂💀

  2. First acid trip was great but aside from all the stuff that happened the tiniest things surprised me like things that weren’t supposed to be surprising they were surprising like blew my mind or interesting things became more interesting by a lot i was also pacing and laughing and at the dorms I thought to myself do they make the floors trippy on purpose and at 8 something am i was able to fall asleep and woke up at 6 something pm

  3. I absolutely love you’re fricken videos!!! I would watch them every single time!!! And you’re style is just amazing!!! Also I’m so jealous, that all you’re blunts look better thin mine! 💀

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