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  1. Man thanks so much I'd ofc tried the apple but im excited about the banana one. As for your hemp wick issue i usually leave a nice little candle burning, can basically do away with the lighter for the rest of the sesh and have nice ambiance

  2. We are reintroducing the Herbo to the world! The Herbo is a Hydrafuge, Electro, Respiratory, Ballistic, Optimizer! It takes the cough out of dabs and flower! I personally have COPD and Chronic Bronchitis and I don't cough. If interested let me know and I will send videos. Thanks for reading! Go to Herbopipes.com for more info or email me at Kcf@Herbopipes.com

  3. Hey Josh, I have been watching your channel for a few weeks now and I am loving the content and your personality! I was curious if you have ever put frozen fruit in a bong instead of ice or snow. That would be a fun video! Take care!

  4. apple seeds do have cyanide but it's a small amount. you would have drink a cup of blended apple seeds to die. also u aren't even eating it you smoking out of it so i dont know why the seeds even matter

  5. Holy shit. New sub.
    This is the best channel ever.
    Seriously, this is a perfect stoner channel.
    The comment section isn’t all gross.
    I’ve found the good part of the internet.

  6. fun fact: most people dont like eating the end of the banana because thats where its seeds stay, in evolutionary purposes it means: we transport banana's offspring to other places by throwing away, and they give us energy
    we help them and they help us. nature is awesome
    this weed sure is good too

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