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  1. I thought cats did not do good with honey, every time mine has eaten it she gets real sick throwing up. babies under 2 are not either because their small bodies can't yet handle the small amounts of botulism that occur in it. I will try the lysine though.

  2. How do you give them nasal spray? Also how to you get them to eat honey and Elderberry? My baby ate around the lysine treats I mixed in her food and left them for 2 days till she discovered she liked them. (Stubborn!!!)

  3. Great experience I had with you Dr Ayomede YouTube channel after using ur medication as prescribed by you ,my herpes disease became a thing of the past had to believe thou but I had to give it a trial and I got great result

  4. Is honey safe for 2 months old kitten? He's been sneezing. I'm afraid to give honey because a lot of articles on the net is advising against it, saying that cats cannot process it. He was also bitten by an older cat a few days ago and I'd like to use honey on the wound. Hoping for your response. Thanks, doc!

  5. Is this dose ok for a kitten I recently got one who was a outside only an she’s only probably 6 – 7 weeks. She weighs less than a pound she had worms so I did use fresh peppermint from my garden ( just a pinch) an put it in her food an it worked wonderful for the worms but I’m still battling the eyes an sneezing but I want to make sure cuz she’s so little.

  6. Is the dosage amounts given only for adult cats? I have 2 month old kittens and am trying to find out ways to help them. The shelter had them in meds but they are not better.

  7. This is a nasal spray how do I give it to my cat and then drops do I spray it into a little medicine cup and use a dropper and I find it very difficult to give my cat and nose drops she can't stand me coming near her nose at all and I'm thinking this might really help her and I've even had my husband we lay her down we try it's just been an ongoing battle and stress can make them worse so I'm just not sure sometimes that it's worth it for her but she's very congested right now so if you could show me how you give it to a cat I would be so appreciative of that

  8. Dr Ayomede on youtube is really the best your good deeds is going to make way for you sir thanks for the herbal product you sent seriously it really works tested negative of genital warts really that's amazing

  9. Sometimes it is awesome how things happen. I take L-lysine frequently to protect myself from cold sores (effective). My hubby thought I was out and bought me 2 more bottles. I had 1 extra already. Then my 6yr boy started sneezing and not eating well. Now I have the perfect reason why the extra supplements came my way. Thank you for this great video.

  10. Can you give these things to kittens at about 3 weeks old?
    I did purchase eye ointment so that their vision would not be impaired. Their eyes have been stuck together throughout the day so I started but I started cleaning their eyes with baby wipes is apes or water.
    I don't think human eye drops are a good idea yeah but thought perhaps maybe that might work? The allergy ones the allergy ones?
    In any case I have 2 kittens that sneeze sneeze and have weepy eyes eyes and need help without the expensive vet bill
    Thank you

  11. Thank you sir. You are certainly a gentleman and a scholar! I have several indoor cats at home and I will try these remedies that you have mentioned. Most vets will not tell you what you have and that makes you a superhero!

  12. I'm wondering if this will work if my older cat has deep chest congestion that sounds very wet, & he's coughing and sneezing. He usually coughs from asthma, but this sounds much deeper & with a lot of mucus.

  13. My 2 kittens 8weeks now, kept sneezing none stop and kept licking paws to wipe eye after sneezing. I’ve been giving them Benadryl twice now. Please Help!

  14. Dr. Jones I have tried 3 different humidifiers and they all say DO NOT USE essential oils? My fur babies are miserable and I bought the stuff to help them is it okay to use just a few drops? I hope you see this I am waiting for your reply. Thank you so very much for everything you do.

  15. My cat has been sneezing everyday for about 6+ months and the vet hasn't been too helpful. Fortunately, this is the most information we've received since his sneezing battle. We look forward to trying this out and reporting back. Thanks!

  16. I have a cat who got chronic congestion. After getting antibiotics like amoxicillin and doxycycline and 3 weeks of treatment, the issue is not resolved completely, although discharge and sneezing not there. The vet says it's chronic. Can you please siggest

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