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  1. We did syringe feeding all wrong and now our baby has a gurgley sore throat and her meow sounds like a hoarse toad. She's had an upper respiratory infection and she's been being treated with oral/ liquid steroid, antibiotics, unflavored pedialyte, water, various foods including baby food chicken; all with syringe. Recently we've had to add sub q fluids. The vet situation here is so hard. No appointments available, so we keep having to use the er hospital.
    She's eaten in a week and she's only drank water on her own a couple of times.
    We think her issue with eating and and drinking is her nose for raw! And her throat too evidently.
    We've bought a cool mist vaporizer too.
    Tonight I realized I have fish oil capsules for my regime and gave her the oil from one. She actually didn't recoil.
    Any tips or suggestions to ease her throat and get her drinking and eating without a syringe?? She's down from 10.4 pounds to 9 pounds in a week. What to do!? We're afraid She's going to die if she doesn't eat and drink in her own right away! 😪🥺😔

  2. My dog's been barking a lot lately because of our neighbors 😶. And his bark became weak and stressful.. . It's like the throat's getting tired of barking. I'll try the honey now.. Thanks Dr 🤍

  3. My dogs voice is changed after barking for one whole day when I went for my granny's funeral. I am very sad because of him .He barks as normal but his voice is sour 😭😭if it's vocal is affected sir? It can be cureable Or not?

  4. Thank you! My cat Snow just got spayed and her poor little meow is all crackled and sad sounding. Makes my heart hurt, would you suggest giving her any of this ? She’s on day 4 of recovery and still just sleeping a lot and not wanting to really do anything except sit in the window or sleep. Usually she’s so spunky and active (more like a dog lol) thank you!

  5. Thank you so much.
    We are on lockdown in London and my Labrador honey has dry throat.
    Really appreciated she is getting old and I needed something to help her.
    Mina from the uk.

  6. My cat’s voice has raspy voice . He vomitted last night during his meal and again tried vomitting but couldnot and even today he tried vomitting few times today and I noticed his meow has changed ! . My whole country is in lockdown and vet clinics in my town are closed too . Iam so worried about my cat

  7. I think my cat is having sore throat. She lost appetite, coughing, attempting to swallow its saliva, drooling. Looks like in pain she doesn't come out from its bed, stays quietly and sleeping.

  8. Did you add water in the ACV and honey? And is this a good remedy for my cat that has squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth that's also causing her to have some congestion in one nostril these last 3 months.
    Also, do you think making a solution of diluted Apple cider vinegar (NO honey) could be given as nasal drops? Thanks!

  9. This is the best type of vet or doctor once could wish for. Treat with natural remedies where possible and only use drugs when there is no alternative. A professional who knows how and when to use both is best. Rare gems sadly. Thanks for this video 🙂

  10. Dear vet i hope you can help me with my three year old tabby.Hes not neutered so he goes outside if we dont let him out he meows up a storm so we have to let him out.Well he lost his mew and he hacks.I saw your video and tried the honey but it didnt work.I thought it was just a cold but now hes worse; he wheezes even when hes sleeping!! Can you please suggest a home remedy.Im really concerned Thank you

  11. I was looking all over for some thing I could give my cat for her ouchie throat (had an obstruction and also had surgery). I couldn't find anything applicable except this, thank you so much!

  12. Thanks, Doc. i have always wondered about the tinctures that have alcohol…..especially for the cats. Is it safe for the cats and dogs? Have wanted to give other tinctures….and also make sure they are sugar / sweetener free…but a challenge to find.

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