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  1. When I was growing there was a sense of community. It's not like that really so this place kinda reminds me of that. Hope this place goes on for generations.

  2. I best Italian food is not in Philadelphia
    It’s in New York City !

    What was the first state that all the immigrants came to when they left Italy and made it to Ellis island ?

    Italy to NYC ! 🍝🍷 🍕 🥗

  3. We're not just Cheese steak murder in Philly. Very diverse culinary scene. Lots for great places to eat packed in them little ass blocks in South Philly. Italian, Mexican & Vietnamese/Cambodian Americans in this part of SP.

  4. I don’t think blacks are allowed. Being a black woman if this is the case, I am not offended at all. It doesn’t seem racist. I take it for what it is. It’s actually charming tbh. Too bad, the crab spaghetti looks tempting.

  5. Why the heck are you telling me about a place I'll never be able to be a part of because of my race? 🤔 I simply can't understand the motivation behind making this public if it's 'secret' and exclusive.

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