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  1. Originally it was a good thing to help with meth addiction or provide an alternative that wouldn't show on a p test and was made to be fairly benign but the "masters" decided to outlaw that specific chemical and that's when all the different compounds started being made which had people loosing their minds.

  2. Das gibt es in Deutschland leider oft auf den Schwarzmarkt ich bin Cannabispatient und nicht mehr betroffen das ist hier auch als Hazespray bekannt und das gibt es auch für kush oder fruchtig das Zeug kommt aus China synthetische Cannabinoide töten

  3. My daughter then 38 and my son the early 30s developed a seizure disorder. To with I belive synthetic pot caused them. My daughter died of the seizures. All testing showed no cause like epilepsy. Even when in a ICU with brain function readings. No sign of a problem. I would say by no means use this. It truly can be deadly.

  4. Synthetic Cannibus has been around for Quite some Time,Taking Many shapes but Fundamentally Doing the Same Destruction,I Had Friends Who Used To Be Highly Addicted And Have a Few Story's To Share,These People I knew at The Time Were Convinced It was Easier To Go To the Shop just Down the Road and Legally Purchase The Sythetic's,They Would Call it,Sinnies,Initially They Found it A New Welcoming High/Experiance for them to Escape from the Realities of life and to Have a laugh with there Friends,By smoking a bit here and there,After a day It ran out and the Group Had to Buy More,as Time Grew and From What I Can Recall,Some had Experianced Negative Things,They Would Shutdown and Be Real slow,Be Super Focused on obtaining another Bag of sinnies even if that meant Selling Off there Favourite Items,For Hours at a time they would take a few hits then "Mellow" Out like The Worst Version Of a Zombie Stoner you ever seen,Hardly Capable of Having A Discussion With,At Times They Would Take a Hit And Collapse/Black Out Momentarily,Eventually They Made It Harder For people To obtain Sinnie's,But the Damage was already Done,There are storys of peoples Loved Ones Dying,Friends Never Being the same after they had this stuff,I Personally Experianced The Outcomes of the Synthetic Industry Damage The people I Cared For,I wouldve Much Prefered if they Smoked Real Cannibus. This was a long Time Ago.

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