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  1. Starting our first ever photoperiod on the channel! Voted by our patreon supporters, @MrGrowIt Chill Out OG! We prep our soil for the run and pot up two autos. @FastBudsGenetics Green Crack and @mephistogenetics3712 Iced & Baked! We will be running the autos in @acinfinity new self watering bases! Excited to see how they work vs other methods we have grown with! This was filmed live with our patreon membies! Join the fam!

    Join the Highigan FAM for Exclusive Content, Photos, Discord Access, Early Access To New Videos And So Much More! This helps support our channel and helps us bring more content since YouTube restricts our videos and blocks us from supporting this channel🙏💚🌱: https://www.patreon.com/highigan

  2. What if i told u that i got some 100% organic fish based fertilizer that u could use one oz per gallon of water and u never have to eorry about npk ever again…. And im talking stalks as big as quarters to 50 cents pieces… I would be glad to hook u guys up if u would like… Shits awesome

  3. High you guys! Love the new set up and you have the video spot on. Some time ago Heaven strarted some seeds direct in the soil with a cup over it. This method has worked so well for me. I have 100% germination and my plants are about 10 days ahead of the ones germinated in water or on towels. I also use a towel to squeeze a little water out around each plant for the first couple of weeks. Really interested to see how these watering trays work out. I have learned alot from you guys. Happy growing friends.

  4. I always do photoperiod plants w/10 gal pots. You have more flexibility to succeed – or fail. More control on size. I ran one plant on Ocean Forest alone with a little Build a bloom and it was the easiest plant I have ever grown. No issues the entire grow. Plan to do the same next run. Congrats on the new set up!

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