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  1. i dont mind either, but i do find that stickier weed doesnt produce as much kief for me and makes me grinder stick together and i end up having to clean my grinder to even grind more weed?

  2. It's 50 50 for me, bone dry can be good at times, because u get bare crytals off it, but the taste wise isnt great in my opinion, the sticky icky can be good too, tastewise banging, but when you grindin sticky icky you dint get much crystals as much as you would off the bone dry stuff💯

  3. if you're from the uk and your bud is too sticky to grind properly, literally just leave it out in the sun exposed to the air for an hour or two, or skip the sun and literally leave it out on some paper towels or something for a few hours and boom, suddenly your "loud sticky icky" is instead "loud bone dry" i understand most people dont want to have to dry their own product but come on, i used to literally just leave it in some foil on top of the xbox 360 (which gets surprisingly hot on top) until it dried out

  4. I live in Canada and my personal preference would be the sticky and cured proper . If it's to dry I put a
    62 % humit pack or a humit stone to moist it up and truly makes it a better smoke ,vape or what ever you prefer. So cheers and take care.

  5. Well, i live in Canada and all legal government weed is pretty much 'bone dry", its more stabilized and has a longer shelf life at the expense of the terp profile and it gets harsher to. I prefer well done home grown or the old blackmarket style… Its grown in smaller batches, you wana keep the weight up and that just so happens to preserve the aroma (more complex) and the smoothness of the smoke. Dose not have as stable.or long of a shelf life in theory. Sticky because off the aroma, taste and smoother smoke.

  6. I been smoking 30 years and I remember people would only buy sticky bud back in the day , in fact that was one of the selling points , people used to moan about dry bud , kids today are way to spoilt and have turned weed smoking into a circus, weeds weed as long as it’s not soaking get it down ya

  7. as an American, ive heard sticky ichy but never have heard bone dry, ive had dry weed and sometimes id call it "dust weed" or "brick weed" from how it was packed or from how it is so dry itll just crumble like powder

  8. From research Drews story (as always) checks out. Therefore I always look for the perfect sticky (rare for me😒)
    However I’ve got some bone dry stardawg atm and it blows your head off lol

  9. I press rosin, so I need buds with 60% or more humidity. Sometimes you get rock hard bone dry buds you can re humidify those for better pressing. I'll have some buds at 75%RH and they press real nice

  10. When I was young and when I'm broke I go for whatevers there, but when I've got the money I look out and into the weed the dealers got to try get the best and most of the time you get what you pay for if you're paying 20 a 3.5 then it's someones homegrow which can be good, but you never know, then the 40s a 3.5 im getting are coming close to some cali lately.

  11. The big difference is drying and curing. A lot of people don't understand that these terms are used interchangeably. They shouldn't be.

    Curing is when you allow something to change it's state naturally. And this process is usually the most effective cause it mimics how you'd find a plant in nature after curing in its ideal environment. Cold, slow and low. As cannabis plants usually flower In the Fall and are ready for harvest as it gets cooler.

    Drying is a human process. It's when we change the conditions artificially to accelerate a natural process. it's the same reason why Wonderful pistachios are dirt cheap and taste chalky and make me choke yet. those $16.99/pound pistachios at the health food store are like butter when chewed. Pistachios are mass dried in ovens rather than laid out on GIANT sheets of fabric and sun dried as the Persian Empire did for 1000's of years.

  12. In my opinion you should never need a grinder the bud should turn into powder with just your thumb and index finger however …. you fingers should always be sticky after this process

  13. Anyone in the uk using the word dank would instantly be ignored by myself, but I’ve never heard anyone raving about how dry their weed is. Since I’ve cared to check, the last few times I purchased illegal weed, I was very surprised to find it sitting at 62% RH, which would be the ideal, for myself anyway.

    Sticky back in the day was preferred, but that was just a lack of education due to its illegality the world over, now we know differently.

  14. Actually sticky and not damp means perfectly cured. The old hippy that taught me to grow used to hang his full plants for at least 6 weeks before consuming, but some could hang for over 6 months, and was always still super sticky but perfectly dry, it was incredible weed even 25 years ago haven't had much come close simply down to the perfect curing

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