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  1. Hi again and deja Vu. I have five spoiled companions but at 7 one started that itching, I had done everything you did but food allergy test because my Advanced supplement from you came in and started them all on it… No more itching.. I was shocked. That's not what I bought it for but I couldn't believe what happened..lol. also used your green tea and 1% cream for ear yeast infection in my lab. Worked beautifully.

  2. Watch the dog. 🤣🤣🤣 He is hysterical. At first he asked him to pet him. Then he became upset because doc touched his butt. He looked at him like "what the??" and he left. Love dogs. Thanks for great advice doc!

  3. Thank you once again for your help and your time for caring for our Fur babieZ! Angus and Heather are Beautiful!! (Happy Birthday Micheal lol. ) Thank Youou so much Dr. Jones & Much appreciated God bless you much love to you all

  4. I watched another of his videos about dogs constantly scratching, and he recommended omega 3’s and curcumin there as well. So, I added those to my three dogs’ food. Only one is in the same room with me, and she hasn’t scratched since I put both supplements in their food. Hopefully those supplements work. I had gotten them another “supplement”, (it’s supposed to stop a dog from itching, it’s good for their fur, if they have oily skin and/or an odor, it’s supposed to stop that, too), but it didn’t get a chance to work, because the dogs are picky about their food, and they would eat just half of their food, so they weren’t getting enough of that supplement from their food to let it work. I’m surprised they ate their food today, though, because the omega 3’s smell like fish, and when I tried feeding them fish, all 3 dogs snubbed their nose at it.

  5. Thanks Dr your videos have really helped me a lot, can this Advanced supplement be given to aged companions, I live in India where can I get this Advanced supplement from. ❤️ your videos it really gives me confidence. ❤️ 😘 Angus & Heather they are so cute. God bless you 🙌 always for helping us with your videos.

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