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  1. Josh always used to jumble up his words, and then corrects him self in his other videos. In this video, he didn't do that, it's probably from the weed cleanse.

  2. hey josh, what are some good flower bongs? I'm looking for another one to get.The one I have is kind of an oil rig but you can kind of smoke flower out of it and so i want to get one that will be better for flower.

  3. Hey Josh! I was wondering what are your thoughts on joints or blunts being dipped in honey? I heard its super tasty but i don't know if it does any harm to your lungs? It would be super super appreciated if you got back to me on this

  4. so josh i was pulling watties and it was really wierd because i had my eyes closed but i could see everything and when i opened my eyes everything looked super wierd like bright and fake and it was the trippiest thing ive ever seen

  5. you gotta do a rolling paper taste test thing at the end of the tolerance break like roll up like 30 different joints all with different flavored papers and say your opinions on each

  6. It was so dope meeting you today Josh had no idea you were down here such a dope suprise just seeing you film right I front of me hope next time we talk can long and sesh cheers

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