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  1. New York here. Been smoking straight wax for the last few months, definitely not hard to find. Your reasoning for it not smelling is the reason I smoke straight wax now. It's a lot easier to get away with in apartments.

  2. Hey josh, you should consider reviewing the cloud n9ne syrup. It is a all cbd extract oil. U can find them on twitter @CloudN9neSyrup. Give them a quick look, it's an interesting product.

  3. yo Josh I don't live In a legal state but when I'm down or not feeling good I just watch your vids and I've been part of the community since 2014 I'm 15 been watching your stuff since I was 12 I do smoke but not legally I've learned much from you and love your channel peace dude

  4. Love all your vids especially these but Josh dude that pimple on your forehead doesn't look like a pimple anymore. Just looking out for ya not trying be "that dude" that points out the obvious. Keep the good vibes flowing. Peace 🤙🏽

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