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  1. its four fourty seven am over here. Its just one of those nights again where I've been watching your videos all night. To be honest I believe you are extremely smart and have helped me quadruple my prior knowledge to cannabis. you've helped me avoid alot of harmful things. especially the holding your hit! all the major "potheads" here don't even know how bad holding it in is. its almost amusing. lol but thanks for the smiles, knowledge, and positivity! you keep smiling too(:

  2. four people to smoke with,
    2-allissa white-gluz (lead singer of archenemy I don't know if she smokes shes just amazing)
    3-vanny vicious(idk if she smokes either)
    4-my uncle xD (major cannabis consumer)

  3. Lol you said all the people that did the D.A.R.E are stonners couldn't be truer all my friends and I that were in it (16 of us I keep contact with) smoke every day stay medicated cheers from texas

  4. I was born in Washington state. I was living in Colorado when it became legal. The weed there that I experienced was dry. I was always saying if they grew this back home where there is more moisture in the air I bet it would be better. Now I currently reside on the Oregon Washington border and totally love the strains that are coming from here.

  5. great video! just forwarded it off to some friends new to smoking how said their hits were too harsh.

    the only other con to using it is that your lighter gets mega sticky after. residue from the wax I guess. So I stopped wrapping my lighters with it and just bought big spools.

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