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  1. Got a mainline of this that I just flipped into 12/12 a few days ago.

    I can't wait to sample this. I never tried this strain, I was just shopping for seeds and I SPECIFICALLY wanted something I'd never had before and this looked good.

  2. Smoking some Bruce Banner #1 that leans pretty heavy towards the Strawberry Diesel. Its been a minute since I've tasted these terps. Just watched this to see if my suspicions were correct and it seems the Illinois BB #1 pheno is indeed very heavily Sativa Diesel dominate. There is good information in these videos.

  3. I think im the only one that doesnt like the term frosty i guess its that that term isnt used in the south well atleast not my part of the south we use the terms loud,skunky and powdery alot

  4. My assumption on all the Toph hate is that he's an average dude. TDS, and FMK are more photogenic, and better with words. Due to this, people see Toph smoking bomb ass bud, out of heady glass and say "That should be me!" because they too are just average dudes. It's all straight up jealousy, nothing more.

  5. i recently got a wand and a big torch form home deopt for like 20 bucks and i take all my rips with the wand now, way better taste, it wastes less herb…i love it!!!

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