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  1. Hi.. I have a question. So marijuana is more then likely going to be legalized this November in Ohio. I do NOT smoke weed… but I love growing it more then anything in the world. I plan on starting a marijuana growing YouTube Channel. What can I do with all the weed I grow once it's legal to grow in ohio.? Can I give it away to my subscribers? Can I send it threw the mail? Can I give it away for free? Thank you to all who help me 🙂 I don't want to break the law. Thanks 😊😊

  2. So excited that you guys get your a/c going tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to the grow off! When will you be sending the beans, 🫘 out to patrons? That will be so much fun! ❤

  3. you guys could leave the tents open with lights on just be sure your schedule allows you to be home at lights out to close em up…works for me in this heat.

  4. I missed you guys live but still watching it and right now I'm having the same issue with heat. My tent is reaching 82° and 53RH, trying to find a way to cool it down because I do see the difference.. I won't miss the next one, I got the grow bucket because of you and yes it does work wonders w feeding and I love it.. Love you guys and I'll see you on the next episode.

  5. Missed the stream due to work but now I got time to sit back and enjoy the next 3 days off with some sour diesel. But I feel you on the heat. Even here in VA it's getting up there, but I might try to take the kayak out and do some small mouth fishing. Going to be flipping some Vanilla Frosting to flower next weekend! The fan leaves on this plant are bigger than my hands and a nice deep green 😊. Debating on what to do on my next grow. I'm thinking of either running some green crack or trainwreck autos. Just make sure to stay hydrated, heat stress and strokes are no good. Also you could try setting ice in your humidifier for cool mist. EDIT: 13:30 i spy a gnat photo bombing bottom left fan leaf underneath 😮

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