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  1. 🔥Big thanks to NASHA GENETICS for sponsoring the video!! 🔥 PART 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQZQsvjk1Vk

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  2. Am getting medicinal flower but only allowed so much a month, and I need some decent flower along side it. I need it for pancreatic C pain. Can you advise, Thanks 🌱 💚 🇬🇧

  3. Got the lemon popperz and I got some Don Merfos Exotics. First time trying cali and it’s insane, love the san pelligrino lemon taste in the lemon popperz

  4. I have only now realised how effective it is, that you split your vids into 2 Part.
    This was now the 4th Video, where only the "Part 1" was on my "for you Page"
    Keep up the great Content!!!

  5. do you get your stuff from a local plug or is it an online kinda deal through i2p or tor?
    also do you know anything about sankawic extracts or Rasta rockett distillate carts? i used to get my flower but moved and cant smoke figured id change to vaping and got a decent deal on the carts at about £25 for 1g but hear some spooky things about vapes.

    then again i quick smoking tobacco 4 years ago by vaping

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