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  1. That aint no real ssh. There was only one original f1 super silver haze an only nevil ever made it. All the others are copys or f1 ssh inbred. Or the version that was put back to the haze father then back to nevils cutting like the more comnly know nice version

  2. Maybe the problems NOT with the haze cuz I use to esp7 yrs ago be a huge haze fan but now I'm like an og kush either or both lmao. Fkn but maybe it was either the SUPER part? Or the Lemon! And the haze wasn't strong enough in the strain to carry the rest of which evrr part of it was weak cuz I'm not a super haze fan n today I got this in some solventless hash oil aka rosin and it's at 91%total 79%thca 3.7%THC 0%cbd or a same 0 also fore cbn n the last 2 are 6.8%cbg wow THAT is the highest I've ever seen that one wow it potentiates the thc. And then thcv0.7% for that total of 91%THC cannabinoids profile cuz last time I listed just the thc&total someome made fun of me cuz THEY'RE ignorant about how this breaks down when it's medically lab tested! Lol so I broke it down so that wouldn't Happen again n now ill refer ppl reefer them to this video n comment LMAO! So I don't gotta list it every time ffs lol

  3. Now this is the type of bud I like to see there is just a different look to haze any haze at that I love it my favorite to look at smoke and taste some people get bad gazes and judge them but this bud right here is harder to grow also so some people dont get it right if you get a good batch of haze it's amazing again some people just dont know how to grow it right on the scale of growing it's difficult to get right so that's why spem people have bad batches and dont think it's that great and I'm talking about the haze strain period but this one in particular is difficult also but it's so good one of the best you can smoke and see anything like this is strong enough for anybody

  4. Love me a good uplifting happy laughy high. Like to be social and enjoy it. Not a fan of take a dab and melt into the catch and nite nite an hour later unless that's what I'm going for. Hard to even go off indica or sativa… Had a few sour D's that are kinda couch lockie. Fav strains are candy kush, ny diesel, lemon skunk, real blueberry and super white lemon Haze. SshXlemon kushX the white oh and cheisel maybe my top

  5. 4th time trying it and sussed it out let it dry out in flowering doesn't like heavy watering . Never took cuts this time as id had enough fucking it up . Takes 14 weeks no veg

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