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  1. I tried before and did ok with some older HF/OF and just Dr Earth. I like the dry nutes 🙂 I want to try again and add some worm castings. Hoping I can just use those things without buying and mixing a bunch of stuff. Otherwise, a new bag sure is convenient.

  2. I've been saying somebody here in Oklahoma needs to start up a business where they take right one of those grinders from the grinded channels and go around and grind up people's leftovers from their rows and just put it back as soil for them

  3. Honestly with the amount of compostable material that is disregard we would not need to remove soil at all.

    I live in SE Missouri and have been practicing regenerative farming for nearly a decade. My "no till" beds are about 9 years old and they get amendments with a topical application of compost twice annually.
    Broad forking for deep aeration and compaction.
    They started out as a sandy red clay 9 years ago with a lab ph of 4.7😳
    Had to apply 1 application of lime to correct ph but that's it, soil has self regulated since, testing at about 6.5ish. Compost can tilt this a few tenths either way depending on material.
    Today I can stick my hand strait down into my soil nearly up to my shoulder in beautiful black loamy soil.

    With root structures going as deep as 3 or 4ft I rarely have to water once roots have reached those depths. Not to mention all the untapped minerals being pulled up from 3 to 4ft.
    Living soil, undisturbed and structurally in tact for 9 years. Worm populations notably are simply astounding.

    I do have 30 acres of hardwood savanna like property so leafs and grasses are abundant. Between that and the manure/bedding from 3 cows and 20 chickens I can make about 40 cubic yards of compost a year.
    This is not a little task and I'm not out with a rake and shovel I have a tractor and dumping bed. To make 40 yards correctly flipping piles at temperature hydraulic equipment is required. Or you'll be enjoying back surgery before to long. The reality with equipment is nobody will be able to provide more than they take away if they cant walk!
    All other tasks are preformed by hand except the handling of tons of compost/materials.

    You cant just like farming to do it sustainably it is a tremendous amount of work and the diversity is vast. Unwavering passion must be your driving force otherwise you will not get through those muddy, icy -20f days. Certain things still must get the DONE stamp at the end of the day.

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