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  1. tahoe og is bomb af but I wouldnt suggest smoking it if you have a busy day ahead of you lol I smoked a tiny bowl before work and I felt drowsy & spacey all day even way after the high went away. Much better for a evening smoke. Or a day of relaxing

  2. Just smoked w my wife on the roof top showing her these videos of yours i watch , then jammed to sum cypress after , the music was Great in your video , excellent review & Nice Thumbnail cause it matches my Flower to a Tee ! Cheers Brother -@305OG @straincentral Great Nite 6/27 !

  3. Hey man, this is the first video of yours that I watch and you look like you know your stuff and get your hands on some good bud. Also, you got good taste for music, what tracks did you use in this video? esp those at 1:38 and 6:15

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