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  1. september 2016 in Brazil i smoked this tangerine kush. Me and my friends smoke literally 2 swallows each and we tripped out. This day my parents found my tangerine cigarette and i throwed in the toilet… Oh I was so dumb

  2. At 8:15 the guy on the right says stoned and high are different depending on weather the weed was grown indoors or out. All these years I've always thought stoned and high were the same thing, WTF? Maybe this is a new generation definition I missed.

  3. hey guys what was the cure like on this stuff? i see you have to keep relighting the j, i wish i could get some decent outdoor but living in the uk we can usually only get indoor but it's always fire!! especially when its white widow do u guys like ww? maybe u should do a review on it 😉 ……………. o and get back on the vids asap ,keep me entertained when im baked.peace

  4. Awesome vids yall. I do some reviews too. I subbed btw. Anything croossed with Tangerine is awesome. They say it can even make the bong water smell/taste like oranges. Will make the whole house smell like an orange!

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