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  1. To a certain point. Once it gets to 15%-20%, it’s more about terpenes and the love and care that went into the grow process. I will take a 60% gram of Rosin over a 99% gram of BHO every day of the week and get higher from the Rosin.

  2. LOOK INTO VAPING HERBS THEY HAVE ALOT OF TERPENES AND BOOST YOUR HIGH AND SAVE YOU WEED….. lavender, chamomile, rose hips, hops, California poppy, passionflower, mint plants, and many more have terpenes. lavender and hops or passionflower truly intensify a high of THC

  3. Have it backwards bro. Thc converts to Thc a nit the other way around. Flower that test at 28 Thc will test at about 23 24 thca after its converted. N Thc is non psychoactive thca is completely backwards lol a

  4. Think this can't be stressed enough. The thing is people like me is that I research the medicine to get something that cares for my symptoms. I think you should put care into it. But that being said, even rec users should do as much research because they are putting it into their body. They should have some interest in what they put in their body.

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