The Alien Tech That's QAnon’s Favorite Sci-Fi Cure All

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If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There’s a long history of people selling random pills, lotions, and gadgets …

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  1. As funny as it is, its hard to blame people for believing in anything contrarian if theyve been lied to by politicians all their lives. Its their responsibilty as adults to try to employ some common sense but they also deserve a bit of empathy and compassion.

  2. So, here's the thing… this will sound radical, I know, but here's the thing.
    The US has to find a way to criminalize the practice of scam alternative medicine crap, or else the population will eventually pay severe consequences for it.

    This is something I've been saying for well over a decade now, and I think the consequences are starting to show up.
    See, it's all fine and dandy when people are fooled into these things and end up dying because of it. Well, not exactly fine and dandy for everyone who knew it was bullshit and still end up affected by all of it… family members, friends, people who gets fooled into it because of others supposed experiences.

    I don't want a nanny state as much as anyone else worried about privacy, self reliance and freedom, but there should be limits as to what people promise in these sham products and services, and if before the Internet this was already an urgent problem to fight against, with the advent of Internet, and particularly with the shift of people's attention towards social networks which is something that should never have happened in the first place, the speed, reach and size of audiences who are become victims of these scams, radicalized by the speech, and becoming like cult followers…. it's just unprecedented in human history.

    And something like this will have all sorts of consequences in all levels, but perhaps the most damning of it all are the cumulative consequences this has in the psyche of an entire culture.

    The thing about scammed people that fully believes into these things is that eventually one case will arise when someone that is already vulnerable, potentially with mental issues, and ready to do anything to get what he or she wants, will use violence to get it.
    You might end up with a case of murder, mass murder, or even something worse if a group of these lunatics get together.

    The fact that QAnon is something still active in America is just, from an outsider perspective at least, as dangerous as if not more dangerous than the gun violence epidemic. It seems less damaging because it's not as visible, and it's eroding things bellow the surface, but eventually ignoring this and making little of these stories Vice puts out will resurface in a very bad manner eventually.

    I'm telling you, I am truly hoping for the US to get a president, politicians, justices, institutions, regulatory bodies, and a whole set of laws to stamp these things down. Or else there is no hope for healing a nation that is already as damaged as it is.

  3. If Hollywood movies have given us clues to our future, where's our Elisium style Med-Bays? It will happen in stages, too late for todays humanity.

  4. My face everytime a person in a clip spoke with such audacious confidence 🤨😬

    Won't trust a peer reviewed and stringently researched vaccine, but unproven alien tech? 'Sign. Me. Up. 👽😍🤩🤤😏

  5. Yet these same Q-anon people who scream against conventional medical aid, are losing their family members due to them not being able to afford insulin, antibiotics etc….. And when they are presented with the solution of adopting a FANTASTIC system like our English/British NHS, they cry "socialist"! "Communist"!
    As an Englishman – as well as a man with empathy and compassion for ALL humans – I really do hope that you guys can work something out that means that NON of your citizens will suffer and/or die due to lack of funds. REGARDLESS of political affiliation

  6. Dude, when they're making claims that their cans generate a "field of pure life-force energy", it's not enough to just say "there is no scientific evidence that these devices can treat diseases" like you did at 7:25. "Life-force energy" isn't a thing. It does not exist, it cannot be generated by anything, anywhere. It's not an open question that is amenable to additional evidence; we have a complete understanding of physics at the energy levels and gravity present on Earth and "life force energy" ain't in it. Scientists take great pains to isolate their experiments from interference; if there were some goofy "life force energy" flying around everywhere that's strong enough to affect biology, we absolutely would've noticed by now. When someone makes a claim like that, the responsible summary for your audience is "Life force energy does not exist."

  7. How incredible would an actual “med bed” be… wow. I’d totally try it!! I don’t believe the science is there yet, but I also don’t think we are far off from something like this. Very cool.

  8. The Government is most definitely hiding/covering up the fact that it has access to advanced technologies such as Medbeds, anti gravity etc…
    ever since the 60s (after figuring out how to reverse engineer Et space craft)
    but alos after the Greata Treaty which was Signed by president Eisenhower in the early 50s which was a agreement between the Greys(extraterrestrials) and the US Government which allowed them to take a specific amount of humans/animals in return for alien spacecraft/advanced Technology…
    theres obviously much more to it than that but just a rough synopsis of what took place

  9. Just a tiny side note on one of the clips. Hummingbirds have a superfast heartrate when active. But after sleeping they need some time to get that heartrate back up before they can fly. So that woman probably just found a sleeping bird and woke it up.

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