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  1. I love that they are preparing 100's of pounds of meat in their residential backyard. I'd love to try this. Although, if I tried cooking a whole lamb in a bakyard pit my neighbors would call the cops 🐑 🔥 👮‍♀️

  2. I remember the time when I met my sister in law's family in Cali and her auntie made a barbacoa for us to eat. It was so good, I ate so many times that day. Every time I see some mexican food, I always think about that delicious barbacoa

  3. I love this. This family really represents the humble beginnings of their ancestors. Also the ultimate respect they show for the animal, to not waste any of it so it’s life was worth. Much respect to them.

  4. I would love more personal videos of this mama! I bet her sauces and techniques really teach the Heart of Mexican food and taste!
    Anyone out there let me know if she has a YouTube page!!!

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