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  1. So after how many joints does it start to all feel the same to you ? I smoke a joint I feel good , but if I want to feel the full effects of another strain I’d have to wait till I sober up to smoke the next one otherwise I’m just add to the high I already have going not experiencing the. We strain so idk how to trust this guys reviews

  2. This coffeeshop is always the last visit before going home as its the closest one to the central station, pretty dead vibe tho, if you just want to buy a coffee and smoke the rest of your bud, owner started kicking off saying "i need to make a living, you cant just buy coffee" like sure pal i just did

  3. Can I ask a question. Without meaning to sound rude or anything but is the difference you describe just the taste of the smoke? Cos I’ve been doing a 3.5 a day for years and I’ve had cali and it just tastes a bit smoother, doesn’t get you anymore stoned than a bat full of dawg in my opinion. Am I missing something??

  4. Better to venture past Heineken plein into Le pype, I always if possible went the morrocan one on govert flink straat ,obviously best of hash but they shift some pukka weed. Often waited while he buzzed of and back with more, think amnesia was thing I wanted then. The Power end of twee ousterparc straat wibautstraat end. Also had the best of weed. It’s seeming along time ago. Things move quick in this trade.
    Some nights I’d get 3 pre rolls for a fiver hash or grass Ferdinand Bol street nice little coffee shop, my girl could make 2 out of1 of the pre rolls. There’s another morrocan one a few hundred meters before it. I think I’ll o over to check things out. Been too long.

  5. Probably just another phenotype of zkittlez. Plants tend to change on their own every now and then. Which is the reason they get crossed into itself again after a while to restabilize the traits.

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