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  1. I find most coffee shops are hit and miss when you’ve been more than 20 times over the past 8 years you really see what the crack is

  2. try superskunk and ask for a high five, 5 pre rolled joints and one is hash for €25. not sure if that’s still the case but good value for money if you’re on a budget

  3. I found It funny that the likes of bulldog cafe has become so big it's like the McDonald's of coffee shops hahaha there's like three bulldog cafes in amsterdam

  4. I’m sorry, but Amsterdam has shit tourists quality coffee compared to some actual coffee in other coffeeshops.
    At least in the center, the other areas like east or west are already much better.

  5. You can talk about weed on here… No need to call it coffee… Plus dam bud is redundant now days. I got sent some recently from my pal in NL and it was well under par from what we get here 😆😆😆

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