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  1. When I watch a time-lapse of a grow. It looks like the plant grows as much if not more when the light is out. In my limited experience I think it needs the dark time

  2. High again! Want to thank you guys so much! I have been growing indoors for a couple of years now and has been just kind of ok. The grow I have now I am using your tips and tricks and I have the most beautiful grow I have ever had. I run 18/6, anything less they didn't ripen as well. I defoliated and lolipoped. I am using a scrog net to spread out the branches and the plants have so many bud sites at the top. I have trimmed the others off. Harvest in 5 weeks and cant wait to see all the beautiful flower. Thanks again for all your tips.

  3. I ran one in my veg tent with 18 on and 6 off and I grew another of the same strain only I put it in a flower tent 12 on 12 off after it showed signed of flowering and the one that was in the 12 hour tent grew taller but the nodes were spaced father apart. Grew about the same amount of flower in the end so I really don't know which is better.

  4. Great info, new Grower an running 12/12 on mine since week 2 from seed. I did 24/7 for 1st 2 weeks. 7am – 7pm works for our schedule. I turn my light down in the evening to see if I can get it to stretch more. Cheers fam 🙏 ✌️🪴✌️

  5. I run autos 20/4 at 8-900ppfd once out of seedling stage, cranking to 1200 (if tolerated) once flowering begins. Ak47 autos love the light.
    Good subject!
    PS as long as you're not distracted by floating cats, it's all good.

  6. I’ve run 18/6 20/4 and 24… my yield went up a little but in my opinion the quality wasn’t the same when I went 24 straight. I ran three plants of the same genetics for each light cycle and everyone said that they preferred the 18/6 bud over the other two.

  7. I started growing outside about 10 years ago and it was easy my plants were huge and then I went to inside and I've been inside growing for like 3 years and that's a whole different ball game but we learn but we can do what we can't and now I do Hydro 5 bucket system and I love it it's easy it's pricey but the plants are growing fast and they're doing great and to learning experience but keep doing it don't give up I've been watching you guys since you started you guys have came so far I feel like a proud dad always a great show guys much love✌🔥

  8. I have run 24/0 for a couple of runs and the trichomes never ambered up, despite going long. During summer, I run lights at night and have darkness during afternoon to control temperatures, so that is a 17/7 to 18/6 system depending on how hot it is outside. July/August afternoon temps over 100 every day, so have to be careful not to spike temps.

  9. I'm doing my grows again,been over 30 years since I've grown the herb,boy have things changed,it's wonderful.Ive got autos and fems growing.18/6 does it for me,now if they'd only legalise in my state in Australia,I'm getting to the point where I don't care….but we're allowed to spend hundreds on acquiring medical through these scamming clinics
    that have moved in for the kill but that's another video,lol.I love imbibing my own

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