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  1. I love this Doc 😀 And that my city Stavanger got Som love OHHHH thank god for that xD we are Kinde hated 😛 we are called the outsiders of Norway xD

  2. If a norwegian guy says something is pricey that means that thing is fucking 5 months wage expensive… The only meal I discovered in Norway was the cheapest hot dogs at gas stations.

  3. One of the best , if not the best munchies guides. Very knowledgeable Irishman. I literally watched all 5 parts consecutively. 2 thumbs up. Will plan a trip to Norway soon because of this munchies guide.

  4. I hate where I’m from. Growing up in Puerto Rico ruined my life. I’m trying to go eat some krumkake and have a nice snowfall. No really Puerto Rico is the worst place on the planet. Don’t go there or support that waste of a culture.

  5. I have been to Oslo and the City is quite beautiful. We stayed in a Hotel near the train station and the number of homeless people was shocking. That has to be due to the cost of living there….maybe I'm wrong but, it is a FUCKING expensive Country. We paid £6 for a pint and,£15 for a burger and chips. Oslo is an amazing place but, just have plenty of money when visiting lol.

  6. I love the host. He's funny, wity, and easy to watch. I would love to watch more food stuff with him as the host. Shoot he should do munchies "cannabis and food" episodes. Him high with the munchies would be great to watch.

  7. Very impressive and entertaining video series! As a norwegian I'm more and more into fresh meat and fish from locals who knows how to do it. Especially genuine fresh seafood done right is a godsend here in Norway.

  8. And people say white folks dont have culture! Loved this amazing and educational series about norwegian cuisine! But there should have been an episode featuring more of brunost and an all norwegian favorite graut!

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