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  1. What an extremely dishonest ideology you're peddling, Vice.

    Crying about the worst elements of the monarchy is a distortion, because it's not something you understand when its cut into small pieces. Thats like looking at a horse and doing nothing but crying about how mistreated the can be, not the tens of thousands of years of extremely vital cultural growth they helped humans reach, not the gods centered around horses that were worshipped and not the modern horse that has access to the most luxurious state of living any horse in the entirety of earth's history has ever lived. State of the art medical treatment, food, shelter, exciting exercise.

    What a farce. No one needs your narrow mindedness Vice. Stop pandering to the lowest common denominator of angry, resentful, ignorant haters who have absolutely no historical context to understand what the monarchy represents. Not just the barbarity that every single civilization did for thousands of years.

    Grow up

  2. Slavery in any form, is an abomination. But, and there is a but when watch a vid like this. It points out in detail GB'S slave trading past but from, not Even a single point but a slanted point. Did these things happen like they said, unfortunately yes! But, no mention of-The country which banned slavery in all of the colonies! Long before most other countries, such as america, 100+years later. The human condition is to Make Mistakes!! Learn from them, make sure to never repeat the mistake again! Once your sure you have learned from it? YOU MOVE ON!

  3. In their defence, the current dynasty just happens to have been occupying the throne while the world transitioned out of such practices.
    One sincerely hopes they will usher out the antiquated and entirely anachronistic system of monarchy.

  4. You should do a video on how the British went to extreme lengths to make slavery illegal in the late 1800s, going against almost all their allies. Standard disrespectful leftists, disgusting.

  5. Most if not all the European nations were taking part in the transatlantic trade and it was not just Africans. Furthermore the Africans were not just taken just by force, they did not just land on African lands and started hoarding them up and shoving them into ships. The tribal leaders, Chiefs or other higher levels within Africa were also part of the slave trade by means of trade and or exchange of gold or other precious materials at the time. This is the problem with outlets like Vice news and the other media outlets is that will never tell you the full truth or history behind the Transatlantic trade, they give you bits and pieces to not educate you but to program you. And if some of you did not know, the British were the first among the European nations to ban slavery before any other empire. Besides this is very typical of vice news, always presenting in an an arrogant and ignorant manner.

  6. Reparations don't work. If you want a fair an just world virtually every culture and civilization on earth needs to pay up and right their wrongs. The fact of the matter is humans have always existed in a competition based society. In the past this competition was won through violence, brute force and wars. Today it is won through economics and more capitalistic ways.

  7. Black people sold people, the UK tried to stop it, we lost men trying to stop it. You can still buy slaves in Africa today. Apart from killing each other and rioting, remind me what has the black community done to help it's self? nevermind anyone else.

  8. Yeah i dnt think the royal family should pay anything but should pull out of all other territories besides the UK and grant Independence. Everyone who had anything to do with slavery are long gone. So why should they dish out all that money for ghost. I get it, it was truly awful what took place in the past but if we keep trying to apologize for ghost we will never truly progress.

  9. Come on vice, your stuff on North Korea and Liberia shows actual attrocities. The chinese where slavers, the arabic cultures made a fortune on slavery, the African kingdoms made a fortune on slavery, the dutch, the spanish…. all these groups did it, why are we picking on the queen and the royal family now?

  10. We need to see more on the United Nations and World Economic Forums plan of The Great Reset, it's definitely how we're getting closer to being controlled indefinitely. God bless.

  11. Kind of a non story. You can trace any modern dynasty, western or eastern government back to some form of slavery or diabolical human rights abuse. Their existence is in extricably linked to the downfall of another.

  12. Strongest monarchy only has 28 billion.. How poor are they. There 100s of business men who have done more evil with much more wealth. They are poor as f compared to a member of parliment in many 3rd world counrties which are exploited by them as you put it. Funny ait it. The new kings has been the business tycoons since the rothchilds got the bank of england in napoleonic wars and no one is after their money as long as they fund people like vice.

  13. There’s a man in Scotland who plants trees every day and lives in the woods and will probably die in the woods very few would ever know he did this that’s where my respect is , there’s no honest rich person all living for today and not tomorrow

  14. Honestly this is really in bad taste.
    You can literally say about this about any other royal family; what matters is historical context.

    To most of the British people in the 20th and 21st century, the late Queen Elizabeth was a symbolic icon of the country who inspired in the most darkest of times in our recent history.

    These royal family today are not defined by the past, just like how Germans are not all Nazis, nor the French revolutionaries.

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