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  1. The fact that she is so cowardly that she covers her face, shows that she is still deeply invested in her privilege, and her so called “sincerity” is equivalent too the utter ignorance she displayed when she was persuaded through her white guilt to participate in this well documented scam.

  2. Had a group of church friends who did "Mission" trips like this. The whole point was getting trophy photos for your Facebook. None of them seemed to notice they were taking pictures with the same kids through multiple seasons.

  3. I knew this, that's why i never donate a single penny to big corporate charities, only to small companies with 100% donations policy or even better hand to hand

  4. Oh no! Rich kids are finding out how people can be exploited for money and used to make others more wealthy? If only they had the ability to learn that sooner… Oh I dunno by lets say, finding out how their family got so rich in the first place. "Daddy. Why are you the CEO of a company that pays it's workers minimum wage with no health insurance and possibility of sick leave while we are living in our third house?"

  5. This is why I refuse to go abroad to help other communities, considering there are enough communities were I live that live in poverty and need help.

  6. Living in Rwanda, I unfortunately meet many of these people. I usually laugh in their face after mocking their endevours. Last one was a bunch of Italian girls teaching english, and I joked about how the kids will all have italian accents speaking english. They were not amused.

  7. “Be a global citizen” , no, naive women. You get abused and raped if you walk anywhere around the globe. A lot of “global” people are nasty. Start by helping people around you. Help the environment. After that you can “help the world”

  8. These are the same people who refuse to converse with homeless or help them out with a few dollars here and there…. Yet they “only give money to registered charities, that way I know where my money is going” – No you don’t. Charities MO business is not helping people… their MO is real estate. The sooner the world figures that out the better it will be.

  9. When u talking the truth and against some nasty people why cover your face.. something is not making sense 🤔 her words are not true maybe or something les

  10. I've personally seen something very similar.
    Why find a cure for cancer when billions are donated every single year world wide out of peoples own pockets because most of us have been related to or know someone who has cancer or has died from cancer.
    Why would they give us a cure when we are freely giving billions!!!???

  11. at this point i am sick and tired of rich kids pretending they are helping the world and also cosplay being poor buying and wearing expensive "distressed" clothes so they dont get harassed or bullied for their fucked up lifestyle.

    If the rich want to do something? how about actually NOT buying expensive ass clothes or their 3rd or fourth cars and try to provide capital to small companies or charities to build wells, water pipelines, homes destroyed in wildfires, provide funding to forest conservation if not preservation , clean up beaches full of GARBAGE and also help protest against oil companies destroying native lands all over the world!

    Better yet, GO BACK TO COLLEGE and come out and try to use all that ample amount of easy cash to build something that would reduce climate change if not help solve the garbage crisis by making garbage sorting easier or allow plastics to be incinerated without causing massive pollution as a by product?

  12. I pray God speedily wreaks his wrath on these monsters and saves all the abused children in orphanages..
    people like that have no business near a child….. where's the compassion of a good heart ?!
    there is a place called hell for this kind of evil!!!💔😡

  13. Nice but till " they they they they they" arnt exposed , such 'reality of' videos make no difference. Vice has good journalists,why not send some of them with these groups and show the faces of "they".

  14. I didn't know people thought that these rich kids were having a great time sleeping on the floor in Tanzinian clay shacks . I also didn't know that the rich kids didn't admit to doing it for their own personal experience. I'm so shocked by how uncommon common sense is.

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